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Who am I?

Well I am a PhD graduate from Rutgers University. I have an interest in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. I am interested in Reinforcement Learning and Multi-Agent system applications. That's broad, I know, but I have worked with modeling problems with multi-agent software solutions as well as an evolutionary/"social learning" reinforcement learning approach to board game playing.

Currently interested in how we evaluate Reinforcement Learning algorithms and challenges using pre-collected/batch data. You can follow some of my work here. I also keep track of a lot of work that is concerned with "Data Science". So you will notice that some of my blog posts are data analysis hacks that I sometimes do during my free time.

Other Interests

I am interested in technology and how it impacts our day to day lives. I am an Android, if that means anything to you, but use Mac OS enthusiastically. I am very comfortable around *nix systems. Having started my experimentation back in the day with SuSe linux, now I prefer Linux Mint or almost stock Ubuntu.

Reading (outside academic stuff) is something I try to keep up with. You can find my shelf on the site with some of the books I have read/are reading.

Vukosi Marivate
"It's much better to live in the future than in the past"

PhD Computer Science (Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey)
Rutgers Pre-Doctoral Leadership Development Institute Fellow
TEDxRutgers Co-Organizer
MSc Electrical Engineering (University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg)
Bsc Electrical Engineering (Information Option)
Lead Selector for CRS South Africa

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